Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shooter? But I hardly even know her...

Paula and I Saturday night

Say hello to the newest member of the Coyote Joe's family. "Hi out there." This weekend kicked off my official new job as the "shot girl" for CoJo's. It was amazing. I had a blast, danced to great music like Cheek Tones, O Allen the DJ, and Agent Audio, and served up some liquid fun with a smile to thirsty party goers. If you didn't come down to Joe's over the weekend, you missed out. It was the best first three days I ever spent at a job. It can only go up from here. But, as I write this, I am remembering how I got so lucky to land really what I consider to be a coveted position in this town.

Carl at the Patio Bar

In this struggling economy and with so much competition, local businesses need to find innovative ways to keep the money coming in the door. The management at CoJo's have done a great job in my eyes (though I may be a bit biased) of working toward this goal. Live music plays every night of the week, Annie's hosts impressive themed parties, amazing drink specials and happy hour prices slam the competition, some of the best pub food served on The Row, and on and on. CoJo's is always looking for ways to add to their arsenal of fun while still keeping that vibe going that makes it the most popular bar in Prescott. My hire was along this vein.


A few months ago, my bestie Paula-kick ass bartender at Annie's, threw my name into the ring for Jell-O shot girl for New Years. I was offered the temp gig and must have rocked the shots, because I was offered a few more guest appearances for the establishment and then two weeks ago I got the news that it was official. I was the newest employee.

I loved dancing with her all night. She got the moves.

Serving the public is honestly one of my favorite jobs. I couldn't ask for a better employment, really. I get paid to, well, be me. I get to dance, socialize, laugh, and sell sell sell. It's really the same reason why being a teacher appeals to me so much. I love to entertain. I enjoy being a personality.

O Allen the DJ and Thursday 80's night. Always fun.

If you didn't meet me this weekend, don't worry. I will be slinging $2 shots all over the building every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Ooh, which reminds me...

If you have any ideas for shots that you would like to see, throw me a comment here or participate in the poll on the left: What shot flavors would you like to see on my tray? Are your tastes sweet or do you like a bit more sour zip when you sip. So far, it's Pineapple Upside Down Cake shots that are the top sellers. But Paula and I would like to introduce some new fun flavors. Tell us what's on your mind. Vote for your favorite flavors. You can choose more than one.

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