Monday, February 27, 2012

Annie's and Joe's...Why would you go anywhere else?

Coyote Joe's Bar and Grill, located on Montezuma St. in downtown Prescott, is a staple in any Prescott night life outing. Not once have I gone out and not started and / or ended the night there and made a few back and fourths in between. The reason is simple. It is simply the best in town. Nicknamed CoJo's affectionately by those who frequent this haunt, it has been given many awards and five star recommendations, including one of Northern Arizona's Best Bars to Visit and the best Happy Hour in Prescott. Annie's Attic, the upstairs baby sister to Coyote Joe's, may not be the newest kid on the block anymore, but the local watering hole with a bit of upstairs class keeps it fresh with a variety of live music, innovative party themes, and tasty drink specials.

Coyote Joe's has been a favorite for years. With a large outdoor patio for smoking that hosts a patio bar and a recently revamped live music stage, a patron can enjoy the gorgeous Prescott summer weather or cuddle up next to a fire pit on those cold winter nights while sipping beverages, munching happily on delicious appetizers and listening to smooth sounds. The inside of Joe's is just as attractive with three pool tables (free on Sunday), a juke box, a roomy bar with a massive drink and beer selection and booth seating.

Following the tone set by CoJo's, when Annie's opened three years ago, it was instantly a favorite bar for locals, college kids and tourists alike. The atmosphere is clean and inviting with its large open bar area, seating options inside and out, a sizable dance floor, and some of the cleanest public restrooms in town. Not to mention that just like her big brother, Joe's, Annie's offers an array of liqueurs and beer all served by a knowledgeable, friendly and, I must say, attractive staff. Oh, and have I mentioned the food? Annie's shares Joe's menu. The bars' tasty treats are all made to order with fresh ingredients. My personal favorite are the vegetable quesadillas or the garlicky fries. Hands down Annie's (and Joe's) has all that a saloon enthusiast could ask for.

Whether it is a Thursday night, a Sunday afternoon, or an impromptu mid week happy hour, the only place I ever frequent is Annie's and Joe's, and for very good reasons. Practically any night of the week, you can visit the Joe's complex and find live music either echoing up the hill from the outdoor patio or slipping out the windows and floating down to the street below from Annie's. Local live acts like Kenny James, Cheektones, and Butte Creek Boys frequent the calendar. The musical tones of the diverse bands that trapse across the two different stages are as eclectic as the patrons. Rock, Reggae, Blues, Jam Bands-whatever your taste, you can find a band on the calendar to suit your needs.

Yet, if you are looking for something a bit more booty shakin', Annie's and Joe's DJs are sure to please. DJ Oh! Allen has built Thursday 80's night up to a formidable weekly affair and continues to entertain the masses with his themed parties. That being said, mark your calendar for April 19th. This year is the 5th Annual 80's Prom Night and this year's theme is simply Nerd-tastic. Other music mix masters include DJs Nathanial Chase, Chris P and Four-nr Sound and their Friday night "Bass Attic" where they kick it with electric glitches and dubstep. DJ Whiteout frequents Joe's playing music that keeps the party rocking. And check out Beatmauler. He'll be appearing at Annie's on St. Patrick's Day (March 17). He is sure to bring the party, and when you catch his show, you're sure to witness not only his musical talents but his rubber band man breaking skills. However, music isn't the only pleasure that Joe's and Annie's trumpets.

On Sundays and Wednesdays, Annie's hosts a free poker tournament where winners have a chance to win a seat at the WSoP. Tuesdays are Taco terrific on the Joe's Patio with $2 tacos and Brad Newman playing cool sounds. Saturday, March 31 will be the return of Comic Thunder-a two show stand up night featuring local and Phoenix talents. The list is extensive and too exhausting to mention it all here. The local establishment has a website with a music and event calendar where the curious can find all upcoming shows from local and not so local entertainment.

And while you are charmed by the merrymaking, it is always best to do so with a frosty beverage. The bartenders at Joe's and Annie's are among the most knowledgeable, friendly and good looking in town. With the best happy hour around-EVERYDAY from 4-6 and 8-10-the establishments offer 2 for 1 drafts, wells and wine as well as 1/2 priced pizzas and other food specials. Whether it's Carl slinging cocktails in rain, snow or sunshine on the patio, Paula and Holly doing what it is they do well upstairs at Annie's, or Josh and Nikki handling the masses at the downstairs bar, you are sure to get a well made drink or two. Just make sure you show your appreciation for that stiff cocktail with your own heavy handed tip.

And when the night has come to a close and the last note has been played, there is no need to go home empty handed. Sarah inside the cage will gladly send you off with a slice of za, a pint of Jack, or a commemorative shirt to remind you that of all the choices on "The Row" the only real option is Coyote Joe's Bar and Grill and Annie's Haunted Attic. I look forward to seeing you there. I mean with all that Coyote Joe's and Annie's Attic has to offer, why would anyone go anywhere else?


Bree said...

Man I wish there was a Cojo's here in Pittsburgh! Sounds awesome and I am happy you are having so much fun! That is def the perfect job for you and bubbly personality!! Are you allowed to crowd surf topless while carrying that shot tray?

Steelers Girl said...

Bree: It is an amazing place to work. The crowd that goes there and the people that work there are good people. I will check with management on the topless crowd surfing, but I think I will save that for Pittsburgh battle of the band shows. XXXX