Monday, March 5, 2012

Say good bye to Flash Drives...Drop Box is here.

Some months ago I heard about this cloud storage space called Drop Box. I immediately liked the idea of it and downloaded the App for my iPhone, my MacBook, and my school computer. It has been an invaluable tool ever since. I use it almost daily.

DropBox is a free service that allows you to store photos, docs, videos and access them anywhere. Any file you save to your DropBox will automatically save to all your computers, phones and even the DropBox website.

I make my plans and handouts at home and place them in my Drop Box, at school I can open them up on my computer. I have access to my documents anywhere that I have internet access. I prepare a track workout routine and look at it while I am coaching instead of printing out the page.

DropBox makes it easy to share with others as well. It is great for sharing files and documents with other DropBox users. Simply drop items into your DropBox Public folder and others can have access.

One downside is that the Free version only includes 2G of space. However you can upgrade and purchase 50G, 100G or 1T of space. Check it out. I definitely find it a useful alternative to flash drives, email, and other storage devices. Download DropBox today and give it a try.

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