Friday, March 16, 2012

Erin go big or go home

So I am super excited about my new job. I love going to work. It really is a ton of fun. I don't know if the excitement will wear off, but it feels like I won a prize. I've slung shots on New Year's Eve. I've cocktailed the Super Bowl party. However, I feel like this weekend, being St. Patrick's Day is my first real big event.

This Saturday there is a lot going on downtown. There is live music, a pub crawl, food, fun. It is more family oriented during the day, but as the day wears on, Prescott is set up for more adult fun for sure. Every bar is doing it's own thing. Trying to bring in the crowds of party goers. Most drinking enthusiast will slip in and out of bars looking for good specials and meeting up with special friends. Some loyal fans will post up at their favorite watering hole all night. It is part of my job at Coyote Joe's to help out with social media and marketing. So with a small budget that I was given I put together a few things that I thought might make this Saturday a fun themed night.

My first, and despite my bosses minor objections, most brilliant idea was to make homemade green jell-o shots. I did some research and with some creative colaboration on Paula's part, we concocted some pretty amazing green shots. Now, I want to say. These are not all lime. Some are strawberry, bubble gum, sweet tart, raspberry, apple, and so many others, but they are ALL green. I think it is so clever, I peed a little when I thought of it.

As many may know, March is mustache madness. Every year men spend a month grooming their best (and sometimes creepiest) lip ticklers. In my research for this anual testosterone display I learned that mustaching is a pretty serious sport. In the spirit of this whisker rivalry, Coyote Joe's is hosting their own mustache contest. This is where I really kicked in what creative gears I have. I designed some buttons and a t-shirt and even crafted out some mustache stickers to give away to the crowd.

It was super fun-and a little exhausting- but I am stoked to see how it goes off. If you're looking for something to do this Irish holiday bender, come on down to Coyote Joe's and see if my little experiments work. You can also check out my designs at my online T store.

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