Tuesday, October 27, 2009

they call me swiney - that's not my name

A few hours ago I got back from the doctors. While I was there I was told that I am going to be treated for swine flu. I am being treated for regular influenza too, but the swiney has not been taken off the table. How fun! I am quarantined to my house and I can't go back to work the rest of the week.

I left the doc's and headed to Walgreen's to get my medicine. I was walking around the store with my ridiculous mask on and the pharmacist lysoled everything that i touched after i left. I walked around Wal-mart and picked up lots of fluids and got plenty of sideways glances with my stylish mask. You all know you want one.

My friends are sweet. All of them have asked if they can bring me anything. Teri made fun of me in addition to her kind offer. Danielle is bringing over cat food for my starving kitties. I am going to just chill out on the couch and in bed and hope that I am better by Saturday. Halloween after all.

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