Wednesday, October 28, 2009

being sick doesn't always suck

I am home from school this week because I have the flu. Yesterday was miserable for me, but today is not so bad. Bundled up well, I took Bodhi out for short walk this afternoon. The weather was crisp and wonderful. I love this time of year. I love the changing of the seasons; the ringing of the winter bell. Fleeting snow fell around me as I marveled at the smoking of my breath in the cold air that chilled my cheeks bringing out their natural flush. The sky was marvelously grey and ominous. Dying leaves clung to the branches in their fiery yellows and oranges and occasional reds. The scene was something from a poem. I am back inside now and I can see the snow pirouetting through the sky and hear the logs snapping and crackling in the fireplace. I just had to share

1/2 of the cord of wood I purchased for the winter. The other side of the porch is just as full.

just outside my bedroom. such a wonderful late fall scene.

an ash (i think) tree just at the end of my driveway. it is blazing ball of fire on this gloomy day.

palo amarillo

i think this one is my favorite of the day. there are so many layers to it for me. each time i look at it, i notice something else i like.

a gloomy day in the common area just before the first snow.


cheese said...

not gonna lie...just kinda fell in love with where you live.

Robyn said...

I always have room here for you.