Friday, October 17, 2014

I live in the bad part of town...

Ok.  I feel very disappointed in someone... I will have to check with the roommate to make sure he didn't move my item, but I am pretty sure someone has stolen from me.  I am an amateur rock hound.  I love pretty rocks.  Have since a kid.  Called the white ones "lucky stones" and saved them for summer after summer.   Even found a few seashell fossils in the stone driveway of my grandparents summer home.  Now, I have big fossils, geodes, rocks of every color, large ones, small ones, some as big as your head.   Within the past week, I came across a sliver of petrified wood that was beautiful.  It was bright and delicate like stained glass.  It looked like amber had seeped into the wood; the thin growth rings were preserved in a rich honey brown.

(not the actual rock, but yeah, this is what it looked like)

I placed it with my other geological treasures.  I keep my rocks outside around my front porch area; so, I placed the amber there.  I actually did think for a second that someone may try to boost it.  What do I get for not going with my gut?  Someone did take the rock.  Someone who has visited my home in the past week took it right off my front porch.  Only lived here two weeks and already there is a crime spree :) I am sure I am deserving-Karma getting me back for my former klepto days; yet, I still feel sad.  I really liked it.  I hope that whoever has it, enjoys it.  I will work on letting go.  Que sera sera.

**Update:  The fossil has come back to me.  I am stoked.  As it turns out, a tiny friend had borrowed it for Show and Tell.  I told him, "Next time, you have to tell me.  As long as you ask, I will almost always let you borrow something."

I hope he understood.  Children are interesting.  Little people with their own personalities and their own way of doing things-reminding me of the way I used to do things and how I have learned.

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