Friday, May 21, 2010

Tuning Up and Tuning In

I am a music downloading whore. I must admit. I love to discover music. I purchase from iTunes, upload cd's from friends and download all that Limewire has to offer without shame. I have over 13 days of music crammed into my little MacBook and am always adding more. I could in theory drive back and forth across the country twice and never hear the same song twice. My car would bounce to the sounds of the Smoking Popes, The Format or Silversun Pickups as I follow the long lines of asphalt that cut though the fruited plains.

The problem with having so much music is that I don't always remember what I have. Duplicates are sure to ensue. The problem with Limewire and friends is that sometimes the track titles are incomplete or completely missing. Duplicates are easy. Using iTunes "Display Duplicates" feature allows me to quickly irradicate twins and triplets of the same song. But what about those titles. I have spent time in the song info feature and have manually changed the song names, looked up albums, changing the incorrectly capitalized artists names. However, that is a huge pain in the rump, and frankly, I don't have that kind of time on my hands. Enter Tune Up.

Tune Up is a program that one can purchase relatively inexpensively, 29.95 for a one time charge or 19.95 annually. Its claim that it fixes your iTunes music files "automagically" is not just a boast. It is amazing. My iTunes library now has every space in the song, artist, album, and genre column filled. It even has given me album cover artwork.

I have shared this wonderful little tool with some friends and those that have tried it agree that it is amazing. It is also amazingly easy to use. Simply drag and drop the selected songs from iTunes into Tune Up and watch her go. In minutes the program cuts through hundreds of songs like a hot knife through butter. If you are a Windows platform user, no fear. There is a Tune Up version available for Windows Media Player.

If you don't believe me try it for yourself. Tune Up offers the first 100 song fixes free. If you care about your music as much as I do, once you take this puppy for a test run, you are sure to buy.

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