Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I had a stressful day at work. I think most of it was my own mind, but I was just so upset by a situation that disrupted my happy little school family. Did I do and say the right things? I hope I will say the right things tomorrow. I am reading about conflict resolution and healthy communication. I am making plans for team building activities.

When the work day ends, the stress does not go away. I needed to work off some tension. I needed exercise. I decided the gym wasn't enough. I needed air and earth-I settled for concrete and asphalt.

I went for a fabulous run around town with the dog. The weather was cool enough that I wore earmuffs and gloves. The snow piled and packed on the sidewalks crunched rhythmically under my feet. My muscles felt strong. I love running. I miss it. I ran a lot in my youth.

running is a challenge, a promise to myself. I make bets and deals with myself. Just make it to that post up there. I push toward my goal at a steady pace, and when that point is reached, I make another and another.

I had a really beneficial run today. The snow was fun. The scenery was great. I didn't hit one no walk sign. At my car, I am smiling. I can't really remember why I needed the run in the first place.

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