Thursday, December 3, 2009


i just got out of the tub. i was in there for well over two and a half hours. it was amazing. i soaked and scrubbed and exfoliated and cleansed. there was candles and incense and hulu. the bath was my way of pampering myself. i kept draining the tub halfway to keep it hot. the space heater kept the bathroom at a lovely 82. i have perfected the art of the long bath.

it was a good ending to my day. i am tired now. my 40+ lapdog lies beside me and one of my cats is grooming himself at my feet. my king size bed is far from empty tonight. this will be the first night that i have slept in it in weeks. i have been enjoying the comforts of the couch, the fire and the tv.

i have a stack of started books beside me. i am going to pick one up til my sleepy eyes can take no more.

i am grateful for today.

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