Friday, December 18, 2009

it has been forever.

it has been so long since i have written. i am crawling out from under my rocks into the daylight. the inspiration for this sudden emergence? work. well really, work friends. today was my last day of work for two weeks. i am so glad. there is nothing greater than the breaks when it comes to being an educator in az. however, tonight as i was setting up the wii to play some shaun white, i got to thinking about all the people i won't see as much over the next 14 days or so.

mostly work is great. but there are days that it is hardly bearable. it is the people that i work with that lift me up, hold me there, and make me forget the snotty brats in my room. just kidding. the kids are great too. but this is about the adults, or at least those masquerading as such. so this is to you all my work friends-past and present, close and closer. you are loved. thanks for making my days brighter. i will see you all so soon. have a great holiday. bring in the new year with those you care about.


ps. don't even ask. i am not deleting a single pic. you may think you see something you don't like, but i think you are simply delightful.

<- she
isn't a work friend,
but a very cool chick nonetheless.
don't *uck with the jesus.

...a thousand words.

i had to include the mrs. in this teacher pic. this is disturbingly how i spent many lunches in weezy's room ;)

you down with npp?

tweeddle d. and tweedle dub.


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