Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some fresh air did me good.

I have had a lazy few days. I have been in a bit of a funk. I am still hiding a bit from things and responsibilities and people. I guess hiding isn't so bad because it means i spend more time with me. However, I am sad. That is for sure, but I am growing from it. I am understanding myself a little more and finding compassion for me. I am working on trying to be less judgmental of myself and others. I am breathing into my tears and suffering. I am being grateful for the gifts I have in my life.

Like I said. I have been pretty lazy. I haven't worked out in days. Yet, today I went on a nice hike with PB. We went out by the zoo. I took Bodhi with us. I enjoyed the company. I like getting to know new people. We have many common interests. We talked philosophy, men, outdoor activities. I never had much of a friend circle out here. My life was the ex boyfriend. If I didn't do it with him, I didn't do it. I am starting to meet people and put myself out there. It is a good feeling. I feel I am growing some. I like that I feel that way.

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