Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Santa, I know you are reading this...

I was out today looking for a pretty party dress for my upcoming b-day bash. I didn't find anything to wear, but I found so many wonderful treasures. I strolled around the Dillard's and fell in love with so much. I couldn't find a great Steve Madden shoe though. If I woke up Christmas morning to find one or two of these under my decorated ficus tree, I wouldn't mind it so much. What are you wishing for this Christmas?

Though this G by Harajuku Lovers parfume is fantastic. It has a coconut oil smell that reminds me of the beach in summertime.

My apologies to the bunny snugglers out there. I love fur. I love to wear it, smell it and touch it. There was so much fur and feathers out. I hope I get some of each.

I am usually a shoe whore, but there were just so many cute purses out. Coach is still number one to me. That is until I get my first Marc Jacobs.

Lucky Brand
Ed Hardy


I may not have found a pair of Madden's that I liked, but these warm and fuzzies looked fantastic. I should have paid more attention to the brand, but they were cute, sensible and good quality snow boots.

These Terrasole slippers were so comfy.

I LOVE this hat. I am starting to build a small hat collection. I may need to look into a hat box or two.

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