Monday, November 16, 2009

Bryce's Birthday Bash

I had an amazing birthday. Some of my favorite friends were there and then some. We started the evening at my house for a cocktail hour. Jodie and Lewis arrived first with my paparazzi, D., arriving closely after. The rest of the guests began to filter in from there. It was a lovely time. I love playing hostess and with a clean house and great accessories I was ready.

The party moved to Taj Mahal where we had a delicious dinner. Danielle made me a birthday cake. It was so delish. She doubted the power of the simply sweet cake, but now she knows and so does everyone else. Gil, the manager, treated us so wonderfully. We had fantastic service. I definitely will be back and I'm bringing more friends.

Later, most of us trekked over to a couple of bars. I ended my night dancing at Moctezuma's. I was ready to be done before midnight. I have no idea what happened to the old party-til-the-sun-comes-up me. She doesn't come out as much as she used to. I didn't leave too soon aparently. After I left, but before the bars closed there was some commotion on Whiskey Row that night. Someone got stabbed, I saw a gun drawn on my way back to pick up friends still at the bar, and the cops were out in numbers. Such craziness for the quiet, little, mountain town.

ALL PHOTOS COURTESY OF daniellehampton

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