Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Practicing Gratitude

Since it is the season for giving thanks it seems appropriate for me to share this.

It is not really a secret that I go to therapy. Shoot, according to ChaCha over 20% of the population seeks counseling. I love my therapist. She believes in healing through mindfulness. Through talking through things and practicing I have seen huge improvements in my mental health, more than with any other forms of therapy. I have learned that I can control how the world affects me through techniques like building meta and breathing. I can't say that I am perfect in my practice. Betty suggests I put Post-its on my bathroom mirror and my alarm clock to remind me.

One of my exercises is practicing gratitude. Each night, before I fall asleep, I am to meditate on the things I am grateful for, no matter how seemingly trivial. Some nights I can't decide what not to be grateful for and some nights I can only come up with one or two. I try and make it a point to write them down. It is interesting to reflect. Here is a short list of some of my recent recognitions:

having a roof over my head
being healthy
my parents
my car
Anima Sana (sort of) In Corpore Sano
close friends (named individually and as a whole at times. i think you know who you are)
my animal companions-Beaver, Smudge, Bodhi, Pinky Tuscadero
food in my fridge
liking my job
living in a an area I consider to be beautiful
Steelers football
emotional growth
Lindor truffles
having a green thumb
being green
a crackling fire
money to pay bills

What are you grateful for? Happy Thanksgiving. Be grateful. Be kind, especially to yourself.

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julochka said...

i'm grateful for new bloggers who find their way to my blog and leave comments so that i in turn find new blogs too. :-)

i think your mindfulness project is a lovely idea.