Saturday, November 28, 2009

it is so nice to be back home after a couple days in BHC. I loved seeing some of my friends. I wish I had time and energy to see more. Kelley and her family shared their home with me for Thanksgiving. We ate lots of delicious turkey and watched Coraline. If you have not seen this movie, you should check it out. It is creepsters for sure.

Friday, Bodhi and I spent some time down by the river. She loved the water as always.

Bodhi in the Colorado

Later, we spent quality time with Drex and Blais. As always, my time spent with them is filled with insults and jests. I unfortunately am like the permanent little brother. I get picked on so much and I don't have a quick wit. I am not able to fight back much and when I do try, my jokes are usually lame. I have learned to just laugh with it and stick it to 'em when I can. We played cards, saw Ninja Assassins-NOT worth seeing according to me. Drex thought it was the bees knees. This morning I awoke ├╝ber late for Lazy Harry's breakfast and bloodies. So good.

I enjoyed the time with my friends. it was so nice to see everyone.

at lazy harry's

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