Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ow my back

I have been lying on the floor for a day and a half now because I threw my back out at the gym. I was doing squats and on my second set rep number nine. I sort of heard a noise, felt a slide of something and saw the look on my face in the mirror in front of me. I knew I hurt myself and was pretty sure I hurt myself pretty bad. I now know how right I was. Pain killers are not really doing anything for me. I am trying to stretch it out and walk upright when I can. Man it hurts to breathe. So, from on the floor I blog, add items to my ebay store, do my homework and eat Ben and Jerry's. I am a firm believer that one should indulge in things that are bad for you in moderation when one isn't feeling well. I heard that B&J's is a panacea and is the reason that Magic Johnson is doing so well.

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