Tuesday, November 3, 2009

hide and seek...

I think I mentioned it before, when I get stressed, I hide. I avoid. I become an ostrich with my proverbial head in the sand or is that up my ass? I have been avoiding homework and housework for a couple of few weeks now. It has finally come to a head. I can no longer hide. The pressure is insurmountable. From the couch, I spoke to Betty and we came up with a plan. 20 minutes to housework before I do anything else for the evening. I don't have to finish anything, I just need to spend 20-30 minutes folding laundry, washing dishes, or picking up the living room. After that 20 minutes, I can move onto whatever else. This of course brings me to phase II of the plan...dun dun daa...THE HOMEWORK.

I know that I have past due stuff. They are nagging at me, but I need to not think about them right now. I have two assignments due this week. I just have to focus on those and worry about the others later. I am already on my way and contacted the professor in one class. I have to say, already a tremendous weight has been lifted. I am still avoiding checking any emails from my other professor. I guess I am on my way to life that burden as well.

BTW I did do 30 minutes of dishes and watered the plants (I do that anyway.)

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